A completed case summary including the benefits, forms, EDIs, contact people, etc. is required to price your case. This case summary forms a part of your service contract. We have standardized costs for essential components.
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* Pricing is subject to change until a contract is signed.

Case Framework

$ 500

  • setup of the database
  • web portal for self-service and/or your call center
  • data collection and coordination by our Plan Design Services team
  • setup of users
  • initial census import
  • other case specific details
  • This charge does not apply to case renewals

Benefit Setup

$ 500

  • Our team accepts setup information for benefits on our Fact Finder document and uses this information to build the benefits on your case.
  • We rely on the information you provide (rates, business rules, premium rounding, state variations, forms) to build benefits.

PDF Form Mapping

$ 250

  • PDF forms are mapped with Common Benefits database fields so that forms may be filled during enrollment.
  • Filled forms can be signed with a date and timestamp signature, and signed forms can be exported from the system.

EDI Implementation

$1000 / per EDI

  • New EDI setups include an estimated 5 hours of development and coordination by our team at $200/hr.
  • If an EDI setup is considerably more complicated than a typical EDI, additional development time may be quoted on a time and materials basis.

$100 / Per file imported

Census Imports

  • New or existing cases may require recurrent census imports.
  • Common Benefits bills each time a file is imported.

Case Updates

(Benefits, Enrollment Forms, and EDIs)

$ Hourly rate

  • Updates to your case setup are billed on a time and materials basis per your contracted hourly rate.
  • These changes include any updates to the existing setup, i.e., Benefits, Forms, EDI’s etc.

Carrier Credits

Available for specific carriers and products

  • Many carriers collaborate with Common Benefits to reduce your setup costs.
  • Work with our sales team to enjoy best pricing.

Custom Development

(API connections, SSO, Etc.)
$ Quoted

  • Our development team will review the requirements of your special development request(s) and offer a quote.
  • Cost approval is required prior to development moving forward.
  • Changes to the specifications and/or scope of the project will require an updated quote and cost approval.

Ad Hoc work

$ Hourly rate

  • If additional work is required it will be billed at your contracted rates for either Plan Design Services or programming depending on the nature of the work.
  • If you do not already have a contract, rates quoted in the case summary will prevail