Common Benefits Administration

One system to enroll and administer benefits and deliver data to all your vendors. Manage individual data, access signed forms, run exports, and much more from one secure portal.

Easy Navigation

Administrators enjoy our intuitive websites and tools. Filtering and search tools help administrators find information and complete tasks quickly.


Common Benefits includes a library of pre-built reports (benefit statements, participation reports, sales summaries, etc.).


Our flexible export tools can be used to create spreadsheets, csv, and fixed length files as needed.  All exports can be scheduled to run automatically, including email notifications whenever scheduled files run.

Custom data feed delivery

Our team can deliver implement custom data feeds to any cooperating vendor (insurance company, third party administrator, payroll company, HRIS vendor, etc.

Custom fields

Add text fields and drop-down lists for any information you want to track, from emergency contact information to vaccination status. Custom fields are always visible to administrators, but can be made read only or hidden from members as necessary.

Archive records

Maintain inactive/terminated individuals at no cost. Your archived records are out of the way until you need them back.