ZeroPEPM – Free Benefits Administration

It thinks like you do.

For HR, individuals, brokers and carriers

Common Census software makes it easy for brokers, employers, affinity groups and carriers to connect vital information about their benefits and administrative programs to individuals and employees.

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The Benefits Operating System

Enroll any benefit, any size case, any time

Setup an enrollment for individual self-service, one-on-one interviews with an enroller, or both. With Common Census, any enrollment method may be used on a case: from online to offline to call center.

Your business rules

Customize benefit offerings for different groups based on unlimited locations, divisions, and classes.

Payroll Deduction Summary

Upon enrollment completion, a easy to read summary is generated as a PDF.

Online Enrollment Offline Enrollment

Year-round benefit administration

Starting at Zero PEPM

Reduce on-going per employee per month subscription fees by enrolling a case with a qualified Zero PEPM carrier.
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Enrollment Setup

Open a new enrollment session and send invitations to individuals, a subset, or the entire group.

Full HR Oversight

Get notified when an individual makes a change. Review and process change requests one-by-one or in a batch.

Reports & Exports

Setup automatic EDI to carriers and generate custom reports including payroll.

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Get started quickly with access to over 100 pre-built, free to enroll products from our Collaborating Carrier portfolio.

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