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The Benefits Operating System

Our software makes it easy for brokers, employers, affinity groups and carriers to connect vital information about their benefits and administrative programs to individuals and employees.

Enjoy a benefits administration system with no ongoing cost when you enroll a Zero PEPM qualifying benefit or program from our extensive portfolio.
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Enroll Any Product
Accommodate any core or voluntary benefit plus administrative programs like ACA data management, HSA, COBRA, 401k, etc. Enjoy a combination of online, offline, self-enrollment or a call center connection to maximize your group enrollment participation.
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Decision Support
Users can select and purchase any multitude of products using decision support tools like Video Coaches or PayCheckerTM which allows individuals to track their take home pay in real time as they make selections. Plus, decision support tools are available in English or Spanish.

Human Resources Tools

A suite of resources are ready to make your enrollment simple and  your administration efficient.

Total Control
Administrative oversight allows total control on a case. You can individually approve any/all changes, approve in batches, or all at once. The choice is yours.

Key Reporting
Over two dozen reports are available plus to meet your needs. Plus customized exports, interview confirmations, benefit statements and enrollment confirmations are a just a click away.

ACA Data Exports
We work with some of the best ACA compliance organizations in the nation. Choose one of our preferred companies or pick your own and we’ll make sure the information is communicated safely and securely.

Benefit Statements & Enrollment Confirmation
Various styles of benefit statements available including total compensation. Post enrollment, employees receive a payroll deduction summary detailing enrolled and declined benefits.

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Insurance Carriers

Flexible carrier integration from EDI to direct integration and distribution.

We have your EDI taken care of with 834, proprietary file feeds and more. The Benefits Operating System facilitates secure movement of data between systems. You can also choose an Excel, CSV, XML, or Fixed Length export for applicable benefits.

Built in Business Rules
Benefits can made available to any number of different locations, classes, and divisions.

Joining the Benefits Operating System
When you join as a carrier you’ll have administrative control and case development tools to build, test and deploy cases. Custom reporting and a library of completed applications are always on demand.

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