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ND Enroller

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Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm EST

We support our clients using our software or leasing our equipment.
We do not support individual users, benefit counselors, HR, or employees.

Call (800) 552-7373

Support Request

Include as much information as possible but do not include SSN or other private employee information in your description or screenshot. If your support request involves HIPAA compliant information, upload the information via our secure support site.

After Hours

We offer technical support for current cases with emergency issues. To prearrange after hours phone support please contact your assigned Common Census representative in advance. After hours phone support is billable at 2x the contracted rate with a $200.00 minimum charge and may only be requested by authorized client contacts. To receive detailed instructions on after hours contact please call 800-552-7373 and choose option 3.

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Support Policy

Common Census supports our clients and equipment leased from Common Census. When supporting our clients we strive to provide a high level of support to a single point of contact and enable them to support their clients and team members in turn. Common Census does not support individual users such as benefit counselors, human resources, and employees.

Regular business hours are 8am to 6pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. Client contacts should submit issues to their Plan Design Services representative or using the Support Request Template.

Non business hours support is available for emergency issues. Issues that are deemed urgent will be supported. Issues resulting from Common Census error will not be billed; urgent issues not resulting from an error will be charged to the appropriate party at 1.5x the contracted rate.

Support Issues

Common Benefits is the web portal used by our clients to enroll and manage benefits. Common Census supports the case file including benefit setup and system functionality. Common Census does not support technical issues with the computer outside of an approved web browser.

ND Enroller is the offline platform used by our clients to enroll benefits. Common Census supports the case file including benefit setup and system functionality. ND Enroller may be installed on a laptop leased from Common Census or may be installed on a third party machine. Technical support varies based on the equipment:

Common Census leased equipment is fully supported including the hardware and software as it was shipped from our office. Additional hardware or software installation is prohibited and not supported.
Non Common Census equipment is supported on a limited basis. Common Census will support the installation of ND Enroller up to one half hour. ND Enroller is not guaranteed to work on every laptop, in circumstances where ND Enroller cannot be successfully installed Common Census recommends leasing a laptop from Common Census.