Q2 Updates 2019-08-11

04-15-2019 ZeroPEPM rules simplified

03-04-2019 Common Census deploys our largest case ever. Currently this national PEO has over 437,000 records on the system. This is possible because our architecture supports an unlimited number of locations, divisions and classes. In this situation, each PEO “company” is made into a separate division. HR functions for each division are isolated. This capability can be implemented based on class and location or any permutation of these database selections. This brings our total lives managed to approximately 1.5M.

3-3-2019 Mass Mutual Critical Illness and Accident plans implemented

01-17-2019 ZeroPEPM has joined forces with online shopping in the form of Company Payroll Store (CPS). CPS allows employees to purchase household and personal items with the benefit of paying for those purchases over time using payroll deductions.
CPS is a voluntary company benefit program that costs nothing for your organization to implement. Employees are provided a quality, customized online shopping experience with payments made through payroll deductions. A portion of all sales then go back to your company to fund additional employee programs or charities.

12-10-2018 MeMD joins ZeroPEPM portfolio. MeMD enables members to connect with board-certified healthcare providers and licensed therapists over the computer, mobile device or phone for treatment of common illnesses, injuries and behavioral health concerns

11-12-2018 Discovery Benefits joins ZeroPEPM portfolio. Discovery provides administration of health savings accounts, flexible benefits, COBRA, commuter benefits and health reimbursement arrangements and has a presence in all 50 states.

11-07-2018 Adminahealth joins ZeroPEPM portfolio offering a variety of billing solutions including ACH, Credit Card, partial split deposits and traditional payroll deduction.

08-01-2018 Common Census completes migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud, a HITRUST, scalable environment. The transition is completed with not a single interruption of service to our approximately 1.1M lives on the system.

5-25-2018 MetLIfe Voluntary Term Life and separate stand alone Voluntary AD&D added